Are You Dreaming of a Shark Attack in Your Dream?


A shark in your dream may also be an ominous warning where it demands that you remain at a safe distance from an unsafe environment and conflict. People have always found sharks frightening since almost the beginning of time, with the oldest recorded records coming from the Indian Ocean which date back to 200 million years ago. These early accounts depict sharks as vicious killing machines that eat anything within their path. Even now, there are reports of attacks and violent behavior from sharks all over the world.

What is the mean Dreaming of a Shark Attack in Your Dream?

However, these accounts paint only part of the whole picture, as sharks today have evolved so much that they can easily be confused with other creatures like birds, fishes or even dolphins. Nowadays, most people around the world tend to associate sharks with danger and the deep sea where they reside. In the dream of shark, there are several things that you need to keep yourself away from to prevent being attacked by any shark. First, do not go near the water where sharks often thrive and most likely attack. Second, do not go near the shore where fishermen often come in contact with sharks, as this can further trigger a situation in which sharks attack people around you.

If these warnings sound familiar to you, then these are probably the reasons why a dream of shark caused panic and fear in you when you saw it in real life. But these fears can be put to rest if you consider the benefits of being a good victim of a shark attack in your dream. Remember that while a shark in real life is dangerous, a shark in your dream would not be. Your dream might not be as vivid as your reality, but it is still as real as your physical reality. Real life situations can trigger a dream of shark, but a dream of avoiding those situations would ensure that you are safe in your dream.

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