Becoming a Great Tantra Practitioner by Deciding to Focus on the Ultimate Spiritual Goal


A tantra practitioner is an individual with a full knowledge of the tantric arts (the ancient science of consciousness development arising out of worshipful worship of the tantric deities) and with the power to compassionately lead others on a spiritual journey of discovery and enlightenment. If one is looking for a guide in his/her spiritual quest, a tantra teacher can offer an invaluable guidance and training that will assist them on their path. However, it is important for the tantra practitioner to be attentive and mindful of the tantra master’s intentions, in order to avoid transgressing any boundaries set for the journey of sacred worship.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Becoming A Great Tantra Practitioner By Deciding To Focus On The Ultimate Spiritual Goal

Tantra teaches that the soul is the purest part of a person and that it possesses superior intelligence and inherent spirituality. It also teaches that the soul is capable of rising above the base desires of the flesh and achieving the highest aspirations of life. As such, the soul must journey within to discover the ultimate meaning of life and enlightenment. In order to reach this state, the soul must go through various stages of purification – first within itself, then with others, then at the higher levels of consciousness, and finally once the soul has fully left the physical body, to reach Nirvana and become a nirvana (the state of ultimate peace, joy and bliss). At every stage along the journey, however, the soul must adhere to certain principles, or else it will only end up in temporary unhappiness. The primary principles of this ancient science are unity and equality, truth and non-violence, non-clinging and attachment, and respect for all beings.

As the soul begins its journey, it must become more receptive of the messages of the tantra master. When it reaches the highest levels of awareness and begins to attain nirvana, it must then discard all conditioned thought patterns and achieve self-actualization. This is the essence of making the spiritual journey a life changing experience and is the core focus of all tantra teachings.

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