Control Panel For Software Installation


software installation

The installation of computer software, which may be both hardware or software, is the process of making the software ready for immediate use. Installation means the specific configuration of external software or hardware with an aim to make it usable with a particular computer system. Sometimes, a soft or electronic copy of the software is required to install it on a computer system. While installing software, it is necessary to ensure its compatibility with the system on which it is installed.


There are various ways in which the installation can be made ready. The most common method used is through editing the installation software installation record, which is present in various formats such as text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. to suit the requirements of different operating systems. Changes can be made in the record to adjust it to fit the requirements of the operating system on the targeted computer. Editing is done either manually or automatically.


Manual installation of software usually occurs through the control panel. The Control Panel window can be accessed through the start menu by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. Secondly, it is possible to access the control panel through the left side navigation by clicking on the ‘inery’ option. Another method of accessing the control panel is to right-click on the mouse and then choose ‘Control Panel’ from the options available. Installation of software can also be achieved through the control panel by going to ‘Add/Remove Programs from the control panel window.

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