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If you are interested in wearing traditional Japanese clothing, you should consider purchasing a hanten. This type of jacket is easy to wear and comfortable. These coats are available in different sizes, styles and colors.

Do all Japanese students wear uniforms?

Hantens are made of cotton, synthetic fabrics or both. While cotton is excellent for softness, synthetic materials offer better durability and a more striking printed pattern. URL : hanten.store

These jackets are often worn by men and boys. Unlike kimono, hantens are not a formal dress. They can be worn over most garments.

A hanten is a warm coat that can be worn with any attire. It has been used for centuries in Japan. In fact, it became popular during the Edo period (1700-1868).

The design of a hanten is referred to as chan. Some jackets have a crest or emblem on the back, while others do not. Traditional workmen’s coats usually have the name of their employer on the back.

Traditionally, the hanten was worn by men and women. It is made of light cotton fabric. Depending on the style, the hanten may be wide, square or tubular. It is fastened at the front with a short string.

Historically, hantens were primarily worn by urban manual laborers. During the Edo period, they became common garments for the common man.

Since then, these traditional Japanese jackets have become widely used. Today, you can see them at many business and shopping events. Many also feature business symbols or designs.

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