IPAF Training and Certification


IPAF Training is designed to teach the operators of power generation equipment the correct way of working with gas and oil to prevent accidents that can result in serious injury or even death. The International Petroleum Equipment and Safety Association (IPAS), offer the training and certification in accordance with ISO 17001. There are several levels in the IPAF Training program, each of them based on the operator’s experience in working with a specific type of machinery. Each of these levels has its own training requirements and its own certification requirements. No matter what the level is that the course is being completed in, the intention is that the participant is competent enough to know how to work safely within these parameters and to perform the required job when needed. More info – https://ipaftraining.uk/

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The course length is intended to be a one-day course, but in reality this varies from one organization to another. Most of the organizations recommend that the completion time is from one day to two days, although there is not conclusive evidence to prove this fact. However, it should be noted that some of the associations require their members to complete the course within a much shorter period, perhaps one week or even less than one month. In fact, in many cases, these short courses are organized as an “earn whilst you learn” scheme, where each day an operator will spend a certain amount of time learning new information and doing a certain number of exercises. This means that each day the learner can expect to learn something new.

IPAF Training is most often offered in combination with other training courses that the operator may be required to take within the organization. These courses may range from general safety and maintenance to specific studies in particular areas. Many companies also offer continuing education (CE) credits for up to five years after the completion of the initial IPAF Training. Many of these credits are available in the area of continuing education for petroleum engineers, which typically involves a certification exam. The goal of all of these courses is to make the operator more competent at his or her job, thereby allowing the company to safely operate its machinery in the safest possible manner.

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