The Many Different Types of Drug Testing


Drug testing in Charlotte NC has become increasingly common for employers to ask of their employees prior to hiring. Many employers consider that by performing a drug test they are doing their part to protect their employees from drug abusers, which is true as well. Unfortunately, in some cases the drug testing can also be racialized and based on the race of the employee, which can result in unnecessary discrimination. If you feel that you have been subjected to racial discrimination in your drug testing procedure feel free to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or with the Charlotte-NC Department of Labor.

Drug Testing Facts and Methods

Employee drug testing in Charlotte includes saliva drug tests, hair drug testing, oral drug testing, and data collection from the ETS (Electronic Therapeutic Data Collection) devices. A hair drug test, as one of the more popular types of drug testing, requires the use of special shampoos that strip the hair of its natural oils. Oral drug testing requires the gathering of saliva samples from the mouth of the test subject, which is then analyzed for the existence of controlled substances by means of the various analytical methodologies. Drug samples collected from the ETS devices must undergo rigorous quality control before being released for distribution to any patient or agency that might be interested in them.

Drug tests in Charlotte are performed primarily by the Department of Labor, who is responsible for the regulation of drug testing procedures and reporting data to the Office of Drug Control Policy, the primary federal office in charge of regulating and implementing national programs regarding drug testing and substance abuse. However, many hospitals and state regulatory agencies also perform random drug testing, so drug use and abuse at work may be widespread even within the medical community. For this reason, you should always make sure that you know whether or not your institution of work performs random drug testing. The time to find out is when you discover a drug test will be performed on you.

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