Trends in the Medicine Hat Real Estate Market


Medicine Hat, Alberta is a town that sits at the confluence of three rivers, which serve as the city’s source for water. The town grew out of a smoky limestone mining operation in the 1800’s and has been named the “hydrostone capital” of Canada. It is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Alberta and Canada. The town was recently rated as one of the top ten fastest growing towns in all of Canada. The growth rate in Medicine Hat has been a steady fifteen to twenty-five percent over the past fifteen years.Find out to –click here to continue.

Medicine Hat Real Estate Offers Strong Profits

The town’s strong economy has enabled it to attract many residents who enjoy the town’s outdoor recreational opportunities, easy accessibility to downtown Calgary, and the relatively low cost of living. Although the real estate market has slowed significantly, there are still plenty of real estate bargains available to those who know where to look. Many of these bargains can be found by consulting with a number of real estate agents who represent both local investors and international investors who are looking for Alberta properties that will fit their investing strategy.

In the last quarter of a decade there was a major inflow of foreign investment, which was mainly due to the lows placed on the Canadian dollar which resulted in high real estate prices. At the end of this quarter there was a major pullback in activity which resulted in the lowering of the Canadian dollar to its lowest levels in two years. Trends in the home buying market appear to indicate that investors will once again be re-invigorated as the interest rates begin to rise in the future. This will result in more home buyers and higher overall values.

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